FF&E Installation & FF&E Hospitality Installation in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Is your Hotel or Hospitality Company in need of FF&E Installation or FF&E Hospitality Installation for a new Construction Project or Renovation in Bosnia-Herzegovina ?


HFI Hotel Furniture Installations has stayed in Hotels, Apartments, Motels, Hospitality, etc. of every shape and size over the years and many of these brands have looked to us to handle their changing needs.

We breathe new life into existing properties in as low-impact a manner as possible.

From high-end luxury and resort properties to thousand-room installations for budget oriented, family friendly locations and long-term stay accommodations, there is no aspect of the hospitality industry we haven’t handled.

We have the knowledge and experience to coordinate your single-property or across Europe rollout with speed and economy, finishing each project with modern fixtures, TV mounts, picture frames and furniture to achieve the form and functionality that best reflects your brand.

We provide complete solutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina including:

We are often told HFI Hotel Furniture Installations installers are the best. We don’t deploy unknown installers from employment agencies or websites. We personally and thoroughly qualify all of our installers

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About Us

We are your partner for FF&E Installations & FF&E Hospitality Installations in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


HFI Hotel Furniture Installations is ready to efficiently manage and complete your project with our experienced and professional team of Carpenters and Installers. We understand the complexities, attention to detail and frequent communication needed to complete projects on schedule and within budget.

As your partner we’ll help develop a project plan by coordinating with ownership, superintendents, architects and the design team while executing the plan per your specifications. We specialize in guest rooms, ball rooms, kitchens, meeting rooms, fitness centers, spas, lobbies, offices and more. Our goal is not only to provide efficient and cost effective services, but also limit operational downtime and guest disruption throughout the process.

What to expect ? 
  • Professionally trained team of Installers and Carpenters
  • Enough staff to handle projects from 1-500 rooms
  • Room to room installation and punchlist development
  • Tail gate delivery, unpacking and cleanup
  • Safe and efficient work methods
  • All steps taken to reduce staff and guest disruption
  • Crews available day or night

No matter the size of your project we have the staff, experience and equipment to handle it with unmatched and sustainable services. 


FF&E Installations & FF&E Hospitality Installation Services in Bosnia-Herzegovina

HFI Hotel Furniture Installations is a Europe-wide provider of FF&E Installations & FF&E Hospitality Installation Services from resets and remodels, to full program management. No matter the project, we have experienced professionals that will ensure the job is done right!

Do you need FF&E Installations & FF&E Hospitality Installation Services ? Our skilled installation crew provide superior expertise and innovative tools, at affordable prices !

We are your FF&E Installation & FF&E Hospitality Installation partner in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


High Quality & Reliable Installations


All HFI Hotel Furniture Installations Installers have been fully trained on proper installation methods for hotel and FF&E project requirements.  Our team will fully manage the project, observe your scheduling and install needs. Our project managers know how to effectively work through any complications that may arise and we comply with all FF&E installation brand standards.


Hotel construction and renovation projects can be complex, time consuming and stressful. At HFI Hotel Furniture Installations, we work hand-in-hand with owners, developers, management companies, purchasing companies and contractors in the hospitality industry to reduce cost and risk so you can open your hotel or resort on time and generate revenue for your stakeholders.


We specialize in all aspects of Hotel Installation Services. This includes all furniture, artwork and unique or custom designed furnishings. In addition, we provide complete installation services to any style of hospitality, VIP Suites, lobby, office/public area, casino, bar, restaurant, lounge, buffet, and special function room.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Installation in Bosnia-Herzegovina

HFI Hotel Furniture Installations offers premier Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Installation (FF&E) installation services to vacation home owners, hotel and hospitality companies europewide. Whether you are remodeling a current property or under new construction, our project team will manage nearly every aspect of your project. At HFI Hotel Furniture Installations, we pride ourselves in providing stress free installation management to our clients.

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment, when expertly installed by professional uniformed installers brings everything together and makes any room or indoor living space stand out.  Our well-trained and professional teams have experience with small and large-scale projects from international hotel chains, senior housing, restaurants and executive apartment properties. We provide constant open communication, professional handling and we work closely with the property managers, owners, designers, and suppliers to ensure a successful project completion.

FF&E Installation Services Include:

  • Managing logistics by providing warehouse and delivery support
  • Experienced and certified installers, project managers and supervisors
  • Efficiently manage schedules to ensure project deadlines are met
  • Asset and inventory management services
  • Room to room inspections and punch list development
  • Nationwide and local FF&E installation services available

FF&E Installation Services in Bosnia-Herzegovina

HFI Hotel Furniture Installations provides professional, cost-effective installation solutions for hotels and motels. Our trained personnel deliver exceptional services while our project managers work with site supervisor for a smooth, complete installation.

  • Installing Furniture, Fixtures and Electronics (FF&E)
  • De-Installation of FF&E
  • Unpacking product and removal of packaging

Furniture, Fittings and Equipment Installation Services in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Many hotel and hospitality companies are in the market for premier hotel furniture installation services and Installation Services is ready to efficiently manage and complete your installation with our experienced and professional team. At HFI Hotel Furniture Installations we understand that you want to work with a company that has actual hospitality and hotel environment experience. With several of FF&E installation projects, you will find that we provide enough manpower and equipment to do the job efficiently and effectively, whether the job is a new construction project or a renovation.

  • Beds, headboards, Armoires, Nightstands
  • Desks, Office chairs, Lounge Seating
  • Patio & Pool furniture installations
  • Wall mount T.V. Installation, Audio Video installation, Artwork, mirrors and lighting.

FF&E and OS&E Services in Bosnia-Herzegovina

HFI Hotel Furniture Installations specializes in providing OS&E and FF&E hospitality installation services to hotels, restaurants, offices, architectural firms, and other clients across the country. Flood Brothers can provide that equipment and furniture and ensure that it is in place and ready to go for your event. Our trained team of movers, installers and technicians provides all of our clients with stellar service and an efficient move that remains on schedule.

Hotel Furniture Installation in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Hotel and hospitality companies look for a prime hotel furniture installation company. HFI Hotel Furniture Installations is ready to complete your installation with our dedicated and experienced installation team. We can provide enough manpower and equipment complete the install efficiently and effectively.

FF&E Installation Services includes:
  • Experienced hospitality furniture installation project managers
  • Fully trained and screened professional team of installers, movers and supervisors
  • Asset and inventory management services
  • Strict attention to detail during room to room installation and punch list development
  • Complete and proper documentation
  • Prompt delivery, unpacking and complete installation and cleanup
  • State of the art tracking and reporting services
  • Safe and efficient work methods
  • Special care taken to reduce staff and guest disruption
  • Warehousing facilities for both long-term and short-term storage needs
  • Highly trained and certified installers
  • Europe-wide FF&E installation services available

FF&E Installation Company in Bosnia-Herzegovina

HFI Hotel Furniture Installations offers expert Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF&E) installation services to the hospitality and commercial industry. With well trained, seasoned and supervised craftsmen, our crew is experienced in all facets of FF&E Installation.


FF&E Removal in Bosnia-Herzegovina

FF&E Removal, purchasing and resale of all hotel furniture. CCI has the capacity to remove partial or full hotel renovations to fit your needs.


FF&E Logistics Coordination in Bosnia-Herzegovina


HFI Hotel Furniture Installations has fostered and maintained relationships with the biggest and best warehousing companies so our clients can be confident that the entire team can work together to complete the project seamlessly and on time.


FF&E Coordination in Bosnia-Herzegovina


All inbound and outbound deliveries are coordinated by our experienced and trained quality control and FF&E coordinators. Our Project Controls department will follow-up with the vendors and freight companies from the time the product is prepared for shipment until it reaches its final destination and installation.


FF&E Project Management in Bosnia-Herzegovina


HFI Hotel Furniture Installations offers experienced project managers who can provide onsite hands-on management on any new construction or renovation project. Our project managers can act as a liaison between hotel management, construction trades and vendors, maintain project schedules and reports to ensure a seamless and successful project.


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