Company Profile

Holiday Inn Shenandoah Texas

2016 New Construction

Also in 2013-2015 for the same owner, Behrens has assisted in the  furniture replacement in two other Hotels  Holiday inn express and LaQuinta Inn and Suites

Behrens Moving And Storage LLC


Founded: 1985

Owner: Dennis Behrens Sr


Areas of expertise:  Home, corporate, moving. Holds Authority to perform services in Texas & nationwide Hotel Furniture Installations 

Say hello to the new friends!

Homewoods / Hampton  downtown Houston

(December 2015)

One of the first joint properties to be established in Houston, with multiple construction, parking and loading dock issues arising Behrens completed the task on time.



At Behrens, our goal is to help your property become the property you aspire it to be. Traditional or modern, we have the talents to install it.  Providing quality services is our forte.   We pull it all together to meet every expectation.  Dennis Behrens supervises the entire project to the finish and is available at any time to discuss any aspect of the project.

Since 1987 Behrens Has performed numerous installs of hotel furnishing


Bestwestern, Hamptons, Homewoods, Sheridan, Double Tree, Days Inn, Marriott

From small exterior door units to the large tower buildings we have handled the tasks in a professional manner and on time as should be expected of any sub contractor